Autism affects as many as 2.5% of Georgia’s children.  Many of these children have the chance to live successful lives if proper intervention and education are available.  Unfortunately, resources available in rural Georgia (and specifically South Georgia) are limited.

About Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center

The Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center was started in 2018 to try to improve resource availability and opportunities for education.  We focus on children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and/or anxiety in rural Georgia.  Right now, we perform these critical tasks:

Community education:  

The Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center provides speakers for civic organizations, government agencies and other groups to help them better understand autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and anxiety.

These groups include organizations such as DFCS, foster parents, and law enforcement.

Educator training: 

Some professionals in our local community (including teachers and school administrators) have a limited understanding of autism and the special needs of affected students.  Better training for teachers helps these students on the autism spectrum.  It also helps the rest of the class as disruptive behavior is reduced or eliminated.  Therefore, the Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center offers trainings for groups of educators.

Our Purpose

Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center Inc is a nonprofit charity created to serve children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or anxiety.  Its goal is to minimize the impact of these diagnoses.  The Resource Center hosts trainings, support groups and workshops to empower parents, teachers and other caregivers.

Think your organization could benefit from autism awareness training? Contact us know to see how you can get training from Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center: