Autism affects as many as 2.5% of Georgia’s children.  Many of these children have the chance to live successful lives if proper intervention and education are available.  Unfortunately, resources available in Rural Georgia (and specifically south Georgia) are limited.

The Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center was started in 2018 to try to improve resource availability and opportunities for education.  We focus on children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and/or anxiety in rural Georgia.  Right now we perform several critical tasks:

Parent training and support:  We offer free parent support groups for caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder.   We also offer workshops to help them better understand their children’s needs and how their children perceive the world.

Community education:  The Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center provides speakers for civic organizations, government agencies and other groups to help them better understand autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and anxiety.

Educator training:  Some professionals in our local community (including teachers and school administrators) have a limited understanding of autism and the special needs of affected students.  Better training for teachers helps these students on the autism spectrum.  It also helps the rest of the class as disruptive behavior is reduced or eliminated.  Therefore, the Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center offers trainings for groups of educators.

Please note that Michelle Zeanah, MD is our executive director, but grant money can not be used to pay for medical services in her practice.  Furthermore, any family in south Georgia can participate in the Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center’s activities.  No affiliation with Dr. Zeanah’s medical practice is needed.


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Behavioral Pediatrics Resource Center
406 Savannah Avenue
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