When it's time for your child to clean their room.

 Simply saying, “Go clean your room” may be asking for too much. Ask for less. Instead of giving your child every step at once; have them come back for their next step as they finish one task.

Here is an example to do list for cleaning your room.

1. Make your bed.

2. Throw away trash.

3. Take dirty dishes to kitchen.

4. Put shoes away.

5. Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

6. Put away clean clothes.

7. Put books on the shelf.

8. Put Legos in their bin.

9. Put dinosaurs away.

10. Put paper and art supplies away.

11. If you don’t know where something goes, put it on the bed.

If your child is overwhelmed and has trouble looking for where to begin,  break down the room into sections. Map off the room into squares with painters or duct tape. Have your child clean one square at a time.

Click here to see a sample of cleaning squares 

Do you use bins to store toys?  Click here to see some print labels you might be able to use.